STRING - World Politics for Individuals


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Wolfgang Behr
The "Anti-*itler"

STRING - Summary

by Wolfgang Behr

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The world is apparently ruled by colossi. States and multinational combines and organisations of whatever colour, are fighting for global power and domination. There are practically no means that they shy away from in their continuation of new Cold Wars. Yet History's wheel keeps turning. The world is becoming ever more complex and the individual is the bearer of this change. Consequently, seen from the long term there is no sensible alternative to personal self-determination and responsibility.

Advances in many fields have opened up abilities and opportunities for us, and continue to do so. This is making politics itself dependent on the moral sovereignty of individual people in terms of lasting, happy coexistence. Disarmament policies between states must be linked with those between individuals, for the world will only achieve peace and not only abolish ABC weapons, but also cease to produce any new ones, when planned violence between humans is as much a part of Stone Age civilisation as are cannibalism and human sacrifice today. This goal seems further off than ever. But it is not least of concern that in terms of human culture we are lagging behind the state of development of world civilisation.

We are living in ever-faster changing times where nothing presently in existence is left unaffected. The dominance of the "immortal" written culture, be it in science, technology or economics, is responsible for this chief characteristic of the new age. Its effects have led all human existence into the presence of its possible end. Death, pushed into the background as never before, has become the greatest manifest potential of this epoch, for it encompasses all mankind. Comprehending and mastering the threat of it is the cultural challenge of our epoch.

This can in turn be achieved by the individual. For in dealing with the fact of Death there is at the same time a chance for the individual to become a personality. Only in the acceptance of their finite nature do humans mature and become rounded and whole. When this step embraces the political as well as the spiritual spheres they transcend what in our culture traditionally constitutes adulthood. A society formed by such personalities can emancipate itself from the collective mechanisms ruling today's world and which hinder it from manoeuvering itself out of the danger zone.

Development into an autonomous personality in this sense is an initiation. Its essential characteristic is the temporary, radical isolation of the person who, as it were, confronts the entire cosmos on his own. In order that this conventional wisdom can again become a cultural determinant for our age and to give it a contemporary form I want to create a status of political autonomy for the individual and initiate a world event called STRING, whose goal is the social establishment of this status. Thus the initiate's radical independence in the modern context will be tied in and weighed politically.

The STRING event gives people the chance expressly to set up the world community just arising, and to give it a concrete political form. In the course of this, humanity can find its identity. In contrast to collective suicide, STRING has therefore been conceived as the other, essentially better, fulfilment of the potential of our times, and its function is to be the sole political institution of all humanity. This institution, as an event, has a finite duration and will create no new power structures. It will instead establish an order as a result of its authority as sole political institution, which rests on the political independence of the individual. The individual's new status will be endowed with fundamental priority over the old, traditional political institutions. It is left up to the creative and innovative forces of modern civilisation in the epoch which lies ahead of us to lay the foundations for the greatest possible material and indeed technical, ecological and economic autonomy of the individual person. Even if today that still appears far off and poverty is on the increase everywhere, the chances of it happening cannot be doubted in view of the advances in the last two centuries. The salient point is that the world community recognises this as a primary, universally valid goal and can place it above the power interests of particularly collectives.

To obtain an autonomous political position for the individual and fill it responsibly is the task I am setting myself and which everyone can set themselves in connection with the event STRING. It is difficult and linked with the initiation which for a certain time separates me from my parent community and submits me to my individuality. The desire to acquire this status is not a matter of course and requires a significant motivating shove. The object of the world event is to give this and provide it with so much force as to survive for several generations until everyone has found the path to independence.

The status of individual political autonomy as a principle of (world) order will only slowly be transformed into actual living conditions and gain acceptance. Its expansion is therefore dependent upon more and more individual people representing this position and being able to assert themselves against the traditional institutions. Even winning greater material self- sufficiency for the individual is only possible in a long-term, innovative restructuring of the basic life-preserving structures. Many people alive today will neither be ready nor in a position to take these steps. But the children of the next generations should know the new means and paths and learn how to use them. Today's world is certainly more than ready for a historical event like STRING which points the way to the future, consigning to the past the history of warfare which persists and conceals imponderable dangers within it.

STRING shall become a great world festival at which mankind will celebrate its fellowship in grand style.