The Anti-*itler

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Wolfgang Behr
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STRING, *itler, Dresden und Wolfgang Behr

The "Anti-*itler"

Transformation of coincidence into political order

* = H

To be born within a nation, within a family, within a certain time of history is fate, is contingency. Sometimes that means to assume responsibility, which makes you "leprous" and which definitely is to "big" for you!

But you can't find an exit. So what is to do? Just waiting and living.!

For, in the case of Wolfgang Behr:
The final(!) abuse, which fascism and the "Third Reich" committed to the classical hierachical order of the world and of the society - you only can take the standard setting, universal responsibility for it, when you stay actively within the historical and social contingency (coincidence, fate) - one of 7 billion people - though you have to take up the role of the protagonist of world history and world society -

as "Anti-*itler"

- the role of the protagonist only in order to get rid of the human and social dependences of protagonists, elites, oligarchys at all, because our state of culture and of civilization (A-Bomb) doesn't permit anything else but a "monarchic" society in the responsibility of every single person!!

As bulk humankind can't survive!

Protagonists, elites, oligarchys can't anymore manage our cultural and civilizational potentials!

STRING, *itler, Dresden and Wolfgang Behr