STRING as a young man

I had tremendous fear of the great nuclear war
I felt perfectly helpless, I was paralyzed
I could accept this situation at no price
It seemed so far behind
of all interesting human possibilities
to destroy our civilisation because of
ideological idioties

Thus all institutions
which has been involved in deterrence by ABC-weapons
completely and irreversibly lost their authority
This view didn't change after the end of the Cold War
because the mentalities and the existence of weapons
still remains the same

I wanted a revolution, the first real revolution
which does not "kill the king"
but which "kill" the stupide (male) disposition
to stay on power by all means, even the worst
I wanted to abolish all type of collective power
which is due in the end to primitive force
I wanted to individualize the society strictly -
the settled society
which actually doesn't exist longer than ten thousand years
not much time
compared with the long human existence

I know that I must be able to take over power and
I know that you -
the other people must take the same way

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