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Wolfgang Behr
The "Anti-*itler"



The new political dimension

As bulk humankind can't survive!

by Wolfgang Behr

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The free world is still ahead of us. It directly depends on us, the single persons. Freedom and responsibility are individual categories. Collectives or societies like the western constitutional nation-states are free, because and only in so far their individual members are free and independent.

STRING is first and very most a formal institutional innovation, which intends to establish the direct responsibility of each person for the whole world society. This individual institution contains more than a democratic casting of votes, but less than an explicit political mandate. Its realm extends from the personal life to what is called citizenship. It gives more meaning, more power and more liberty to the person.
STRING wants to strictly subordinate every sort of collective politics, because collective politics is to dangerous, if it results in war or in terrorism. (The territorial nation-state basing on the rule of law as such is not to be mixed up with collective politics !)
There is no alternative, even if this project, which approachs every person and which therefore is the true globalization, needs two or three generations. Beyond the political left and right: The unity of mankind, which already is existing in principle, can't be organised in freedom and peace than on the base of the individual. And the individual only exists as a political reality, when it is free, responsible and an institution !


Governments are responsible for their countries. Managers have to run their companies. Rich people are private persons, what otherwise! Theoreticians produce concepts and ideas, which are sometimes implemented by others. Many of them all try to have the general problems of mankind in the view. They use some formal and informal institutions as for example the UN or NGO's. But the general fate of humankind is of none of them the main job!

But who else can take this comprehensive responsibility?

You, I, everyone - the individual person as politically independent unit will be the most important new institution, which fills out that need of universality, the representative democracy had to leave free because of its national character.

Why? Because only the individual person can carry out universal spiritual and intellectual freedom, presupposed that the person already is sent in his youth on this way ! All kinds of groups or communities, small ones and big ones, remain always mentally restricted, since they represent many individuals and therefore have to find a common ideological base.

The world as a whole at first is a subject of the spirit, of an open, free mind and as such it is still a goal in the future. It can be represented by no existing form of collective organization.
By giving life to the institution of individual political independence, we can take over alltogether the direct political responsibility for the world society - each person at the own place and in some time, because we must still learn this job. Only if we do this, we can lead the world to an independent political existence.

The world will not be a world state, will not be a polis or a republic, but the global equivalent of these valuable traditions. It will be something new - a quality, which is more than appropriate for the historical novelty of a real existing world-society - and it definitely exceeds the biological frame of humans!
The world-community of political independent persons, which includes finally all humans, is the necessary general foundation of the best, which the political traditions brought out so far - the democratic societies.
Nobody else can achieve this innovation of a political constitution for the whole world for us. No government, no elite of the world can replace us on the way there! And there is no alternative, we - humans - have to succeed, not at least in order to guarantee our durable surviving.

STRING is the paradigm of this new institution of individual political independence or souvereignty. It wants to add the political dimension to the modern conception of man. Each person receives the task by this new institution to move her or his individual political responsibility to the first place in the world-society in order to finally give political reality the human being beyond all groups and differences. Basis for STRING is the mental and spiritual freedom of the single person, which aims at to be prominent in politics and in practical life under the control of everybody him/herself (That's a reason, why this is a paradigm and has a proper name.) - but as well within the framework of institutions founded on the rule of law.

Establishing an institution has the great advantage that each individual does not have to fulfil the same degree of individuality. The institution has the task to guarantee the freedom.

It is up to us to create the concrete material and social conditions to make possible the institutionalized self-determination of the individuals! Perhaps this means a new political and human dimension, which gives every adult person a small but explicit and proud responsibility for the preservation of mankind.
Many people today already are living self-determined and peaceful to a considerable degree. Therefore STRING is just a step, but a crucial step, within a cultural evolution, which exists already for a long time. This step has the task to establish the pre-conditions for the qualified coexistence of all men on earth. The capacity of humans for a self-determined life is the most important task of the forthcoming epoch. Despite all modern achievements we still are at the beginning.
And who should start with this new step? Obviously not the poorest people!

STRING - World Politics for Individuals

Secondly STRING should be the constituent assembly of world society! STRING should be a new political world event, which represents entire mankind in the form of an innovative non-bureaucratic institution, which is temporally limited, therefore does not found a permanent form of collectivity.
This event manifests our freedom and the new political whole world. (That is much more than world politics!)
As the constituent assembly of world society STRING should inaugurate the institution of political individuality, which is represented above. Only both institutions together, the individual, permanent and the world-wide, event-like, set up the new constitution of the community of humankind.
When by this souvereinty finally comes from the ruler to the single adult person, passing the people (and its representatives), this has nothing to do with anarchy! The sphere between the souvereign persons still remains dependent on the order of state and society. But democracy, the rule of law and economy will not be any more definded from the point of view of the group (the collective) or of the system. All this will be defined from the point of view of the individual institution of political sovereinty, resp. from the point of view of the adult person, who is fulfilling this institution, what should be the goal of every human being.

STRING - World Politics for Individuals

A powerful institution of individual freedom overcomes not at least the extremly dangerous combination of modern technological effectivness and collective power, which marked the twentieth century in a terrible way.
Because this combination of new abilities and old action patterns has lost finally each form of the 'innocence' of historical times - the (we hope, always) 'Cold Wars', the ecological destructions or the modern dictatorships and the mass murders are only examples for their danger.

With the concentration on the bounds and the strength of the individual, both is possible, as well the abolishment of the disadvantages of collective power, as the transformation of the power of modern civilization into manageable tools which can help all single persons to master their lifes and the lifes of the one, they carry responsibility for.

The next generations of technical and scientific methods like genetic engineering, nanotechnology, robotics or other still unknown discplines may open enormous possibilities. If we can find neither an adequate material basis for everybody in nature nor can produce it by the money-based economy, then we have to produce it in other way. Our civilization needs the practical progress particularly with the solution of everyday problems, if it wants to bring the focus of history to the individual, to each single person, who lives on earth. In future we will not buy any longer so many products, but small and smart means of production, which will supply us with the most we need. We will call it high-tech self-providing.
But the individualization is at first a human and political progress, which introduces an independent, stable and rounded off term of the life and the spirit of everyone and which understands our enlighted death/sex-combination as making us the most interesting "machine" at all. A success of this human progress will give more internal peace and more time to world society. This could result in the only effective way in order to reduce the tremendous risks - wether they result from criminal abuse or by accidents -, which are the inevitable accompaniments of each new unbelievable form of modern technology. We should learn who we are real and that as spezies we have not any more to fight for our survival and also not more against each other. Then we could even do without innovating some of the most dangerous innovations - e.g. those, which produces uncontrollable self-replication of microscopically small combat robots. Although, not the restriction of human researching and inventing will be successful, but the freedom of all - a freedom, which pushes with large power on the comprehensive individualizing of the world!


Beyond Globalization !

Functioning capitalism is based on a complex set of rules such as double-entry bookkeeping, fixed laws of property, statutes of company forms or the bill of exchange (that paper, which permits to shift payments into the future) and many, many other things. CAbove all capitalism is based on the confidence into these institutions - confidence, which had to be fought for in many centuries. These rules and this confidence cannot be conjured up from today on tomorrow. Therefore capitalism can be at most the second step within the emergence of a world community. The first step is a political one. The people shall seize confidence into a as large unit as humans on the whole world.


History as change of power!

STRING, this my very personal project comes over your mind to you (is with the mind to understand). You should at first create a picture of it in your head and then in your heart, in your soul - or in your biology, if you prefer this approach. In the end your personal creation counts, not STRING, which is my creation!

I am only the one, who wants to realize his entire human existence including the political dimension as general human individual (as citizen) - a step, which depends on the already existing institutions of the state founded on the rule of law and of the modern civil society. These institutions and the civil society embody the historically grown confidence into ever larger, more complex, but as well more and more helpful connections between the people. (The capitalistic economy is only some of them.)
My priority group-reference is the whole mankind.
Even the largest and most modern nations in order to bring about identity are using the patterns of the first horde of chimpanzees. The murderous enmity to the neighbour horde is an integral component of these patterns. But world-society or world-community of humankind could only be understood by the mind. It cannot be created any more according to the patterns and defaults of the evolution. The biological bias' of humans find their place in the individual life with the help of modern institutions (e.g. the law) and social innovations (e.g. sport)!

I try to give to the world the final outfit for the necessary step of history to a real world-community, which is based on the self-determination of humans. This step isn't new in history, but is a path, which is already taken since two or three thousand years.
That I try as a single person to change the whole world , is in a formally necessary act in order to finally give the world an individual cut. Obviously it does not use anything, if I do as only. Each person has the responsibility for the completion of the modern world and of modern humans!

STRING or which name always YOU prefer is just something, which should be simply done and which can be done, nowadays!


The largest difficulties of STRING

1. It is correct! I want to bring to existence this institution of individual political self-determination as the future constitution of the human world community. I want to abolish thereby the primacy of collectivity over individuality. In order to get this, I must climb to the top of this world society - as the representative of mine and of the individual institution, but not as the representative of a collective group (nation, church, organisation, company ... ).
I am not at all eager to do this and I don't at all know how to do it. But I don't see another way in order to realize the political-philosophical project STRING, which is indispensable in my eyes!

2. Modern spirituality

Freedom and individuality is not without risk! In historical epochs humans often risked their life. To go beyond biological nature and facing up to death seems to be part of human nature. Sometimes it is condition and consequence of freedom! Therefore philosophers have called the war "father of things". In great fights historical people have looked for immortal fame.
In modern situation war is degenerated into causing unbelievable infernos by pushing on buttons while sitting in safe places. And the modern individuals are fixed on the visible side of life. They reject the old spirituality of fighting religions and of wars - for many good reasons! Money and the new mythology of technology, idols and trade marks are left as sources of spirituality. But these give to life only a narrow-chested spiritual aspect on average level, since they settle the spiritual center (the soul) outside of the person.
How is it possible to convince people from today that every woman herself, every man himself must look for an active and peaceful inclusion of death into her or his life? How is it possible to send people on a good way, which involves the risk of a real encounter with death and in the same time preserves the life of the person? On this way people should get their own modern spirituality and freedom - which is the internal basis for the kind of institutional individuality, STRING proposes.

(To make clear the idea: It concerns the difficult innovation of a modern form of cultural death, which doesn't result from the martial confrontation with other humans. This independent encounter with death should supply civilian and liberal societies effective arguments to overcome the old-fashioned warrior and macho patterns, which doesn't fit any more to the modern world.)

3. The third difficulty concerns the unusual status of this text and of all other texts within the STRING context. They are not theory, not law, not information, not religion and also not art, although they have a little of everything. And they are not professionalby definition.
This text and all STRING texts aim at a political effect, which renews public affairs innovatively by making a substantial part from them to a thing of everyone's personal life. For this social role STRING texts do not refer to knowledge, property, hierarchy or any other resources of authority and power. They stress authority as what they are, as texts, which means, as paradigms of compromiseless free and individual thinking. Free individual thinking on responsible level is determined as the future top qualification in the life and in the society. In this way the function of STRING texts can be seen as a mixture of political statement, of philosophy and of constitutional law giving.
All existing social or political powers has to restrict themselves in accordance with the democratical and institutional limitations. These limitations are still in progress and has to be creatively expanded. That may be difficult, but is not impossible. It is the way of modern history!
In the result the prominent positions in society shall not any more legitimized by whatever kind of collective power. Instead, the leading positions shall be up to every person and her or his free spirit, as soon as she or he takes over this attitude, as I do it here. Not who has many followers or much money, not who has the best qualification and job, but who is on the way to be an individual personality, closes on to the first social ranks and overcomes at the same time hard social stratifications (differences).
STRING texts wants to implement a change in the phenomenology of social power and social status. This change seems to be revolutionary. But in the same time in many partial aspects it is already widespread in modern societies.
As the first of its kind - in the establishment of individual free thinking as the standard of determining authority and only by this quality - STRING texts stress a singular historical dimension and a professional status.

4. STRING is the name of a concept. Imagine a large sphere (ball), which floats in air. You can't bring it down in the form of simple messages. Not even me, its author, can simplify it. Therefore I write texts. Every text begins its way at one point and looks for the other side through the sphere. Each text goes its own way. Sometimes they pass the same places.
Philosophy is not knowledge or information, but collecting experience from independent thinking. I noticed that for the first time, when I read philosophical texts in the age of 17.
STRING is philosophy. The experience, I intend to make available for you, is that you recognize one great thing: To take the time and think in one's own way will be fundamental in order to manage modern existence. To learn to think outside from stereotyps - even in small steps, is learning to be free!

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