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Wolfgang Behr
The "Anti-*itler"


by Wolfgang Behr

The existence of antisemitism til today means that there is something to learn from Judaism, which isn't satisfied in Christianity and in Islam.

It is the concrete biblical vision of a free and peaceful coexistence of all people. Antisemitism means that one's own people is enemy of another people and that war is normal in history and universe.

We all have to make a great effort in times of ABC-weapons to put into practice the biblical vision, because we can't survive as people, only as humankind!

The first step to go in this direction will be a step of comprehension: The military power never again can be the historically leading political instrument. All it can be today and in the future, is a sort of police force in the hands of civil political authorities, which control it and which itself are controlled by the rule of law and by democratic procedures.

Will these civil political authorities be leading political instruments? Also not ________________________

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